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Vision health

VisImE-360, as a part of Scientific-Tools.Org, is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We strive to make our website accessible to everyone. We continue to monitor our site and make sure that all content provided can be viewed and used by all visitors.

This website should allow any user to:

  • Change colours, contrast levels and size of text.
  • Modify the line height or spacing of text.
  • Zoom in up to 200% without the text spilling off the page.
  • Navigate most of website using a keyboard.

This website is designed to be compliant with the international standard Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG) Level AA.

Using this Website

Accessible Features

This website uses a widget that contains several Accessible features that can be used by users with specific requirements. The widget is available on the top right-hand side of the page.

These features include:

Contrast & Font Size

Changing the contrast and font sizes of text can increase legibility for some users.

This website has three colour contrast settings. Firstly, the “default colour theme” which provides a suitable level of contrast for most users and satisfies the accessibility standards. However, if a user feels the colour contrast is too low in areas the website also contains a “black and white high contrast scheme”, a “black and yellow high contrast scheme”, a “yellow and black high contrast scheme”, and a “night contrast scheme”. Both of these settings should satisfy all accessibility standards for colour contrast.

A user can change the contrast settings by clicking on the icons situated in the widget at the top right of screen.

To increase the font size, click on the icons in the widget at the top right of the screen. The user can also use the browser’s own zoom facility.

Keyboard Navigation

For keyboard-only users navigation can be performed by the TAB key to navigate links (and Shift+TAB to navigate links in opposite direction), and page scrolling could be performed by the UP and DOWN arrow keys (or SPACE key to scroll down the page).

Colour pallets

The perceptually-uniform viridis colour pallet, that is easier to percept by people with colorblindness, has been used in designing the interactive visualizations.

Avoid use of flickering, blinking and moving images

No images of this nature are used in the application.


The layout of the pages is uncluttered and consistent. The size of the window can be adjusted by using the ‘Minimize/Maximise’ icon on the top right hand of the screen, and by using the drag function on the side of the window. All visualisations have responsive design and adjust to the page width. Tables adjust to the page width, and in case they exceed the page width, the horizontal scrolling bar become available.

Accessible Alternatives

Efforts have been made to create accessible alternatives for content that does not meet standards where possible.

Where appropriate we may be able to deliver content to users in accordance with their needs. We are always looking for ways to improve the VisImE-360 website. If you find any problems that are not listed within this statement, or believe we are not meeting the requirements of the accessibility regulations please contact us for further details.

Non-Accessible Content

Non-compliance with the accessibility regulations

During our last review of this website it has come to our attention that there are some areas of the website that could fail to meet WCAG 2.1:

Issues with images
Some interactive and static visualizations or images are not currently checked for the compliance with the accessibility. The interactive visualizations could not be explored in full details with only keyboard use because some actions require mouse controls.
In the “Yellow and black contrast” colour scheme available in the accessibility widget, some lines drawn by shades of yellow at interactive line plots become very similar to the background colour, and visitors using this colour scheme advised to change colour scheme during exploration of line plots.

Issues with tables
Font size for the tables could be increased or decreased only using the “Control” key with “+” and “-” keys.

Third Party Applications
We may occasionally use third-party vendors and open source materials such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to provide information. We do not control or remedy the way content is portrayed by these vendors/platforms. However, we continually work with vendors to increase accessibility and to identify and provide alternative sources, if available.

What are we doing to improve accessibility?

Scientific-Tools.Org is fully committed to meeting all the accessibility criteria specified in the regulatory provisions. We plan to identify and fix issues in accordance with the timescales shown for each non-compliance area. Areas of this website that fail to meet these standards will have fixes prioritised according to usage data. Scientific-Tools.Org will make continuous assessments of this website’s content and update this statement when issues have been resolved.

Policy Review

This statement was prepared on 08/11/2021. It was last reviewed on 08/11/2021. Scientific-Tools.Org will review this policy every year on or before the 31st December.